David Lopez

Food Sensitivity Journal

Disclaimer: This isn't a complete app. I was interested in finding a use for the Phi Coefficient equation when I thought of the idea for the Food Sensitivity Journal. This was built to prove the concept.

Has your stomach ever hurt after eating something but you couldn't figure out why?

How to use it

Log what you eat and mark whether your stomach hurt or not. One way to do it is to log everything you ate in a day and mark if your stomach hurt or not.

When you log enough data, press calculate to find out what foods have a positive and negative correlation to your stomach pain. The calculation won't work well if you only log one food. The more you log the better. If you didn't log enough, you'll see NaN as a calculation result.

Foods that are positively correlated to your pain, will have a value closer to 1. Foods that are negatively correlated to your pain, will have a value closer to -1.

Journal Entry Form

Add foods - one per input

Food - Pain Correlations

Here is where we will calculate the food and pain correlations based on your journal entries.

Food Phi Coefficient

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